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GNiK Solution (PVT) LTD is a fast growing organisation that strives to provide its clients with the best of the best when it comes ICT and Systems support services, Design , Media and Digital Marketing. We accomplish this by always analysing each client’s situation and coming up with a customised solution. Founded by Brighton Wiseman

A Place That Helps
With Your Digital Needs.

GNiK World offers its services to organizations in the public and private sectors in Africa. These include government institutions, multinational corporations and large companies, research and academic institutes. 


Having a unique website design is important part of the branding and marketing process of your business. If you are seeking professional assistance in creating a website or redesigning one for your business, GNiK World is here for you.

We provide a reliable hosting platform. We can host for website 24/7 365 and also create customised email addresses for your business or organisation.


GNiK World will assist with your logo’s, business cards, photo editing, favicons, flyers and more.


We will professionally design your social logos, banners, account creation and much more. GNiK World can help you manage your social media platforms, Online Reputation Management (ORM) , helps to connect and listen to their needs and wants (relationship building) , business promotion and customer engagement and Most social media platforms allow users to check in which increases business publicity and people awareness.



GNiK World can service maintain your computer system and provide regular services or repairs. We can can scan and remove virus from your computers, back-up your information and business documents. We can recover deleted files from your harddisk drive. We can update your operating systems , install new operating systems and needed Work Softwares.



GNiK World can produce quality Radio Jingles. Recording Sessions and we able to create voice overs for your business. GNiK World can also produce music for Musicians and Podcasts.